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What we're all about

Woodshed Burgers is all beef and no bull! We are a small, 40-seat restaurant, located in Edmonton’s bustling 124thSt area, providing hand-smashed burgers, using exclusively Jeff Nonay’s Holstein beef, ground fresh daily, and prepared to order, complemented by house-made buns, choice toppings, fresh-cut fries, and the finest selection of craft beers, bourbons, and spirits. What makes us different from every other burger restaurant? The ingredients we choose, the care we take in preparing them, and the uniqueness of the flavour combinations we offer our guests. Our menu is small, and that is purposeful, as we aim to do a few things, and do them well. We aim to provide a superior quality burger, at an affordable price, in a warm, casual and comfortable setting.

What's the Beef

When we use the tagline ALL BEEF NO BULL we mean it. Chef Paul has been working closely with Jeff Nonay and Lakeside Dairy since the early days of our sister restaurant, Workshop Eatery, offering his unique and delicious Holstein beef whenever he could. While Alberta is often known for producing Angus beef, the Holstein is often overlooked, left for dairy farming, but the genetics required for great milking animals also produces exceptional marbling and incredibly tender beef. The more we worked with the beef, the more we began to understand the power of great genetics and breeding, the careful selection of feeding, the care that went into raising each and every animal, not for yield, but for providing their clients with a quality product every time. Jeff is as careful with the people he chooses to do business with, as he is with the way he raises his animals, and we count ourselves lucky to be able to offer his fine product.

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