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Woodshed Burgers is the perfect example of necessity creating an opportunity. Chef Paul has spent his time at Workshop Eatery aspiring to create responsible menus, using whole animals wherever possible, but given how small the restaurant was, it proved near impossible to purchase whole beef. Developing Woodshed Burgers allowed us that opportunity. After some lengthy discussions, and some creativity Jeff and Paul found a way to come together, with Jeff providing the beef, our friends at Wild Game Consultants to process it into more manageable pieces, having the steak cuts dry-aged, the brisket being used for our house-made pastrami, “less desirable” cuts used for pates, terrines and charcuterie all at Workshop Eatery, while the rest of the animal, including the short rib and chuck used at Woodshed. We even use the bones to create the stock with which we make our gravy. The fat is rendered and used to cook our burgers in. Our beef is ground fresh daily and mixed only with our secret seasoning to create a burger like no other. Between the care that goes into raising the beef, the quality in genetics, and the efforts we take to be responsible chefs we feel you will taste the difference every time! As we said, ALL BEEF, NO BULL!


To provide quality, handcrafted meals that highlight the bountiful ingredients of our region, in a warm, welcoming and genuine setting.



 Aspire to Create Raving Fans
While it may seem idealistic, we must aspire to have every guest we touch leave raving about our business. From the food and drinks we provide to the warm hospitality we extend we must strive to exceed our guests’ expectations at every turn.  Making them a one of kind meal, remembering their name and favourite drink when they return, or walking them to their car with an umbrella in tow during a rainfall are examples of how we create lasting memories.


Provide Genuine Hospitality
From the smiling face at the front door to the dishwasher in the kitchen, we must all truly understand that we are in the business of servicing our guests, and we must truly enjoy that pursuit, even on our toughest days or in our busiest moments. The sincerity of our hospitality must always be on display in everything we do.


Pride & Integrity
We must always carry ourselves with a sense of pride. From the way we present ourselves to the quality of our work, we must always put our best foot forward. We must also have the integrity to recognize when we haven’t done our best and do what it takes to make things right. “If you don’t love it, it doesn’t leave the kitchen!”


Ownership Thinking
It’s imperative that we all manage our aspect of the business as though it was our own, and our livelihood was at stake, because, ultimately, it is. We expect our team to carry plates as though it was their own money in their hands, cook your burger as though they were cooking for a loved one for dinner. We encourage all of our team members to bring to us better, more efficient or cost-effective ways of doing business, as long that idea seeks to improve the guest experience.


We Are Family
We are in this together. Chef Paul can’t do this without the great team we have assembled, but we are far more than a team. We are a family. That is considered in the choices we make, the actions we take, and the people we work beside every day.


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